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Comment from charles buerke

Today I had the opportunity to visit your facility on Illinois Rd. for the first time.
i have been a long time and frequent customer at your original location in New Haven.
I called in a pick up order at your location on Illinois Rd. today at about 4 PM.
When I got there at about 4:30 I was sort of surprised that the gentleman who greeted me there
was rather distant. I attempted to make small talk with him and he basically ignored me.
Maybe I caught him at a bad time or he was having a bad day. I was under the impression that he
was a little put out that I was there. Maybe I gave the wrong impression. I don’t know.
I found that rather surprising because I recall that your service in New Haven was very cordial
and extremely friendly.
I have always enjoyed your food and the food I got today was very enjoyable as usual.
Sorry that I was disappointed in your service today.

Chuck Buerke